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PostHeaderIcon Dining chairs: options you have

Dining chairs, home furnitureBuying a good set of dining chairs is as important as having a good interior for your home. You will need to select the perfect dining chairs for your room that goes well with your dining table. The style of the chairs totally depends upon the style of your dining table. If you have a round shaped table or a sharp table then you have to buy chairs of different style going according to the table. You have many options once you search the market.

Not only the shape of the chair matters but the material of the chair also matters. There are leather chairs, chairs made of upholstery or leather. You can also buy the wrought iron chairs that are available in the market. The leather chairs make your home look good and stylish but it is sometimes can be a headache for the owners. It is not that easy to maintain. The upholstery chairs go with almost every interior and is a good option. The wrought iron ones make your room elegant and stylish. So select well while you go for shopping.

PostHeaderIcon Things to remember while hiring an interior designer

Hire an interior designer, home decorIf you do not want the interiors of your house or your office to look, drab and uninteresting you will have to consider a make over of the textures, paints, decors and the settings of the furniture of the space in order to spruce up things. It is very important to have a nice interior decoration of the space for having a nice atmosphere. For the getting a good job of interior decoration you will need the help of an interior designer.

However, there are certain things that you will have to consider while you are hiring the designer. The first and most important thing that you will have to check is whether the designer has a proper license or not. A degree of the course of interior designing is very important for knowing how worthy the designer is. Another thing that you should know is if the designer has any experience in the field. It is always wise to work with an experienced designer.

PostHeaderIcon Glam up your home for a party with the perfect lighting

Party lighting tips, home lightingFew of the best ways to glam up your home for a party with the perfect lighting can be simple yet ideal and you can get a lot of relevant information and handy tips and tricks about the ways to light your room for a party from the internet which has hundreds of tips and tricks stored inside them. The first tip to do the lighting of your home for a party is to get some dim lights to set the mood.

Bright lights are perfect when you are doing your reading or office work but is definitely a turn off when it comes to a party where you want people to feel cool and casual. Dim lights are the perfect choice. While thinking for a party goes for high lights just like in the film set that will accentuate the features of your room and highlight the décor giving it a dreamy look and feel.

PostHeaderIcon Linen thread counts explained

Linen thread, bedroom8 hours of sleep in a day of 24 hours is an absolute must and one such thing which makes this sleep comfortable and relaxing is the thread count of the linen. People have the notion that a higher thread count is better which is true but most of them do not know the reason why. The thread count is defined as the number of linen threads placed both vertically and horizontally within 1 inch square of the fabric. This implies that the higher thread count is directly proportional to the softness of the fabric which helps in a more comfortable sleep.

One however needs to find that subtle line between durability and comfort as a very high thread count does not necessarily imply the fabric being durable nor does a low thread count imply that the fabric is uncomfortable. The average thread count nowadays ranges from 180 to 320 and the maximum linen thread count extends to about 400. Price is also a factor as a high linen thread count will cost more than one with a low thread count.

PostHeaderIcon Add a dash of color to your home with silk flowers

Decor home with silk flowers, home decor tipsIn the past one would have to think twice before buying silk flowers for their home as they used to be quite expensive. Nowadays these have become very affordable and are being used to beautify homes by placing them in vases, baskets or any other unique place in the house. These flowers are artificial and yet look very real. There are various options for placing the silk flowers in your home.

Wall hangings where you can place the silk flowers are very unique yet classy. Pick up colorful silk flowers which will compliment the wall hanging and other interiors of your home. You can even get home beautiful vases and place them over table tops or shelves, with the silk flowers inside them. You can very well use the various silk flowers to create a theme for your home décor. There are many silk flower colors and designs available to be used for the home décor.

PostHeaderIcon Things to remember while picking up bedroom accessories

Tips to select bedroom accessories, bedroom accessoriesThe bedroom, be it for the adults or the kids, is the most private place and therefore you must think and plan about how to decorate your bedroom. To start with the wall color you must select peaceful colors(like green and blue) for adults and energetic and strong colors(like red and orange) for children. The color purple goes well with white and pink with blue. The guest bedroom can be of neutral colors whereas for the bedroom of spouse you must select colors that match with both the personalities.

If you are selecting bedspreads for kids’ bedroom then it must be of bright colors, printed in floral patterns or their favorite cartoon characters. For adults the bedspreads can be of elegant shades like purple and maroon and also shades in white and blue. The lighting of the bedrooms must be dimmer and soothing so as to help to create a cozy, soothing and romantic atmosphere. You must also plan about chest of drawers and shelves in bedroom. The bedroom must have light furniture so as not to disturb the cozy surrounding.

PostHeaderIcon Paintable wall paper, what is it

Paintable wallpapers, wallpapersPrintable wallpaper is basically textured designed wallpaper with a cream color or bland white. You can have them painted with a special kind of latex paint using a color of your choice. You must choose the color carefully as it must complement the room décor. You shouldn’t regret choosing the color later on and therefore you need a bit of thinking through to do. Now you can hang the wallpaper up on your wall like the other wall papers.

The only difference between regular wallpaper and paintable wallpaper is exactly what it says; you have the liberty to choose your own color and have the wallpaper painted. You have the option of choosing the texture according to your needs and requirements; in this case since you get to choose the color you can also call it custom made wallpaper. The texture though you have to select from the store itself and they are available in plenty and in a lot of variety as well.

PostHeaderIcon Oushak rugs: for that vintage feel

Oushak rugs, rugsOne of the best way of giving your house a vintage and an oriental appeal is decorating the floors with Oushak rugs. These rugs have a traditional history that is as old as time is since the eleventh century. Therefore, the quality and the beauty of these rugs are quite unparallel. There is a huge range of options when it comes to the patterns of design and the textures of the Oushak rugs.

The quality of these rugs is unquestionable and so they may be a bit expensive. However, they would surely be worth the money spent over them. They can be very easily cleaned and used anywhere in the house for decoration they are much lighter than carpets and easily movable. However, they are very rich when it comes to texture and that adds to the elegance of these royal rugs. Therefore, Oushak rugs could be a very tasteful choice for your house.

PostHeaderIcon How to take care of your antiques

Tips to maintain antiques, antiques maintenance tipsLooking for ways to take care of your antiques? Well here are a number of tips and tricks by the help of which you can keep your antiques in great shape and keep them shielded from mold, dust, dirt and other types of damage. Buying too expensive art pieces means to take intense care of them. If your antiques are placed in a frame then you are supposed to change the frame quite often so that the pictures or paintings are in perfect condition.

One should clean the paintings on a regular basis with a muslin cloth which is dry which will help them a lot to preserve the shine and enhance their life as well. One should never use a wet cloth on the art pieces often and should always opt for dry piece of cloth. You should clean your antiques once every month and should keep them away from sun light and heat.

PostHeaderIcon Aesthetic kitchen decor ideas

Tips for kitchen decoration, kitchen decorKitchen is one of the most important places in the house. But for many it is one of the least thought about areas especially as far as decoration is concerned. For most people it is more about functionality than anything else. However, it need not be so. There are ways by which one can decorate the kitchen and that too in an aesthetic manner.

The first and the foremost thing one has to keep in mind is that only an organized kitchen can look good. So, all the kitchenware should be in their designated places at all points of time. The colour combination of the kitchen should not be too bright or too dull. It should have a colour that makes one get charged up but not hurt the eyes. One can have beautiful windows to add to the decor of the kitchen. Last but not least is that only a clean kitchen can ever look beautiful.

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