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PostHeaderIcon Decorating an over-sized sunroom

A sunroom or patio-room lets us enjoy the surrounding landscapes unaffected by the blowing gale or pouring rains. It lets the sunshine come in radiating the perfection and flamboyance of warmth. It has got its own dignity in the house.

Decorating a large and over-sized sunroom is not a very difficult task. Trendy furniture enhances the aesthetics and renders the room comfortable to rest in. Keeping of fragrant flowers in vases fills the void with aroma. Walls must be pained in lighter shades to allow the sun-rays reflect the optimum. For patrons of art, a spacious room would mean plenty of scope to practice and showcase their obsession. Appliqué handicrafts create artistic wonder concealing much of emptiness. Carpets may seem very much fulfilling in this direction.

Ornamental plants add much value to the porches. A greener look is always pleasing to eyes. In addition, traditional and tribal crafts induce a homely feeling.

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