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PostHeaderIcon Summer shopping for your home

Home decor, summer home decorIf you are planning to give your home, a wonderful new look this summer then it’s time to make the right kind of choices in your purchases. In order to be sure and to stay within budget, you should make a list. If you are planning to renovate or re-decorate a particular room, concentrate on the particulars of that room. Alternatively, if you are going for an overall makeover…well, then make a longer list!

Since its summer, you might need pool supplies. You might consider building a pool fence or replace tiles, or you might want to invest in smaller details like getting floaties for your kids or a pool cleaner. In the house, you could consider getting new curtains for a lacey summery feel. Some might even want to re-paint the walls. Concentrate on soothing pastel shades like lime green, lemon yellow, or even olive to light green.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to make a playing room in your house

playing room , home decorA playing arena in your home can do wonders to the life of your kids. The playing area in your home would mean that your child can never get bored. It is said that childhood is a time when the child should be left free for surfing into his imaginations. A wide playing arena would not only mean your child spending a little time with the games but also explore his mind. Here are the few tips that would help you in creating a good play room.

· You can design the room using the games theme. This will make a good attractive environment for the child to see his favorite games on the wall as a decoration.

· Make a special area in the room where your child can sit and play with clay and make whatever they want.

· Select the games keeping in mind that your child not only gets its entertainment but it also learns something while playing the games.

· Make sure that there is enough space so that some of the friends of your child can enter in and play along with your child.

So use these ideas to make a perfect playing room in your house.

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