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PostHeaderIcon Tips For Designing Your Bedroom

Bedrooms designingHave you ever been to a bedroom where you just feel perfect? 14 times out of 15 times, you feel like this is the room but you don’t understand why you feel so. The reason behind it is that, it has a simple design but the functioning of that simple design is truly significant. But creation of a simple design is not as simple as it sounds and that too in bedrooms.

You must be wondering why it is so. This is because, every bedroom must a have a bed and that bed covers a large area of the room and other stuff and things are to be adjusted and designed according to the bed. But if you are planning in a wise manner, then designing your bedroom can be fun task with desired results. Whether it is creation of new bedroom or it is remodeling the old one, you can take wise decisions while designing your bedroom and changing it and get a bedroom where you get the same perfect feel. Here are some of the tips for designing your bedroom.

  • Simple circulation

While designing your bedroom, try and keep your circulation on one side of your bedroom. If you have observed this thing then hotels just do the same thing. Ninety percent of the hotels have the similar floor plan and the reason behind it is that it’s simple and simple thing always works better. Designing your bedroom with circulation on one side becomes a bit more difficult when there is attached bathroom in the room or those bedrooms which have doors to the outside.

If you are working on space saving thing then pay heed on where is bathroom and closet located. Those rooms which are having the access of bathroom and closed before the sleeping area need to have a long hall. If you are organizing bathroom and closet area at a position which can access through the sleeping area then the need of having a long hall is no more visible. Applying this method can let you have a larger space and more circulation area.

  • Pay attention on view

You always feel a bedroom to look pleasant when you get a good exotic view out of the window. If possible try to make a bedroom which gives a window view when you enter instead of showing you up your bed. This view can be a lake or even it can be your backyard. Thus design your bedroom in such a way which offers you the satisfaction of attractive view.

  • Focus on privacy

It is always a pro when you can keep the door of your bedroom open without having to try hard for privacy.  While designing your bedroom, place your bedroom in such a part of your house which is little bit separated from the rest of your family rooms. While designing your bedroom, try to avoid having a layout where you can look directly into your bedroom from any of the public space like hall or kitchen.


PostHeaderIcon The Right Pillow Size

Right Pillow SizeYou should never undermine the significance of the pillow size because the pillow is manufactured not only to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep but also to provide essential support and assistance to your neck and head when you are sleeping or just lying down. If the size of your pillow is not appropriate then you might suffer from insomnia, snoring, numbness in certain body parts, headaches, breathing problems and so on.

The pillow should have the right size because an oversized pillow can cause tremendous body pain or back pain. In the same way, an undersized pillow can turn out to be equally irritating as well. The size of your pillow will depend on the following things:

Your sleeping style: You should first recognize your sleep style and in accordance with that select the right pillow size for you so that you can sleep comfortably and avoid neck or body aches. For instance, if you are a side sleeper and your head and spine are straight when you are sleeping then the pillow size is right for you. In case you are back sleeper then you will know that the pillow size is right for you when your nose will point directly at the ceiling above you.
• Bed size: Obviously, the right pillow size will be compatible with your bed size. So measure your bed and then purchase a pillow which has a size that will be perfect for your bed. If you have a king sized bed then you should get hold of the king sized pillows only.
• The person using the pillow: When you are buying the pillow, make sure the size works out for the person who is going to use it. Also keep in mind the personal preferences of the person concerned.

PostHeaderIcon Save space with the right bed

In a bedroom that comprises of a limited space one of the most common problem is the positioning of a bed so that it can also accommodate other essentials that one can require. There are a few types of beds that can solve your problem of having a small sized bedroom. A bunk bed usually one of the most common solutions for a room for kids. Usually bunk beds are perfect for a family where kids share the same room. Another practical solution is a sofa bed for a property that is space deprived.

These sofa beds can be used as a couch and a bed at the user’s convenience. If your room has enough vertical space then a loft bed can also solve the problem. It will add an extra layer to your room and you can actually utilize the room to the fullest extent. Another popular mattress called futon originating from Japan can be used to save space.


PostHeaderIcon Double Decker beds for your teenage twins

The double decker beds have always been an attraction for teenagers. The teenagers are always looking for things which are attractive. The double decker beds are very good looking. There is a small stair on one side and climbing it each and every time to go to the upper bed is a very interesting experience every time for teenagers. They always like it.


There are various types of double decker beds available in the market. You can select from a wide range according to your taste as well as the shape and size of the room. You can use the double decker beds for your twins too. This will add a spice to the decoration of the room as well. Installing two beds or one double bed is much more difficult and space consuming than installing a single double decker bed. It can serve the purpose well also.

PostHeaderIcon Trendy yet cost effective headboard options

Types of headboard, bed headboardsOne of the largest principal elements in the bedroom is mostly the design of the headboard for the space. There are many choices when it comes to headboards such as modern, vintage, themed, simplistic and classic and with each choice comes hundreds of sub groups as well, like Venetian headboards, leather headboards, bookcase headboard, bed headboard, etc.

Bed headboards are very pocket-friendly. Bed headboards can be found in different shapes and sizes, various colors with unique textures. Venetian headboard is a genuine master bedroom principal point. The distinct features of Venetian headboard are its elegant ornamentation and gorgeous details which make them expensive. Leather headboards are highly trendy and the cost range varies with leather quality. One thing to be taken into consideration is the care for leather headboards. Once a headboard is selected, compliment it with matching bedroom accessories and experience a magnificent night’s sleep in the heavenly fitted bedroom.

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