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PostHeaderIcon Antique Turkish rugs, where to find them

Turkish rugs for home decor, rugs World famous people like Bill Clinton, prince of Japan profess to possess antique Turkish rugs. If you too want to buy then you need few valuable tips in order to find the apt one in the correct place without and tedious workout. These may be knotted or flat woven are considered one of the most well known hand crafted arts. They carry significance not only of the modern territory turkey but also of those Turkic people’s living elsewhere.

Apparently originating in the traditions of the nomadic people of turkey, the Turkish carpet, like the Persian carpet developed during the medieval Seljuk period. It is a more urban aspect. The Ottoman Empire is responsible for the many styles reaching maturity. The Turkish rugs can be so varied and be divided into many sub-groups. From the sivas region Sarkisla, Zara, Kangal and Devgiri are marketed and can be found in the Anatolian kilims from Yagcibekir to Dosemealti, from Kula to Canakkale. Other well known cities were one can easily find and fetch antique Turkish rugs are Antalya, Kars, Kayseri, Izmir, Malatya, Siirt, Sivas, Konya and Milas.

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