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PostHeaderIcon How to take care of your antiques

Tips to maintain antiques, antiques maintenance tipsLooking for ways to take care of your antiques? Well here are a number of tips and tricks by the help of which you can keep your antiques in great shape and keep them shielded from mold, dust, dirt and other types of damage. Buying too expensive art pieces means to take intense care of them. If your antiques are placed in a frame then you are supposed to change the frame quite often so that the pictures or paintings are in perfect condition.

One should clean the paintings on a regular basis with a muslin cloth which is dry which will help them a lot to preserve the shine and enhance their life as well. One should never use a wet cloth on the art pieces often and should always opt for dry piece of cloth. You should clean your antiques once every month and should keep them away from sun light and heat.

PostHeaderIcon How candles can glam up your home décor

Decor home with candles, home decorDecorating the house is one of the best things that one can do to his/her house. Decorating it properly brings out the essence and beauty of the place and makes it attractive to others. However, many think that it is a very tedious and costly job which is completely a wrong notion. One can use anything as simple and cheap as candles to decorate their house and give it a glam look.

There are many kinds of candles that are available in the market in different shapes and sizes. These are not so costly and can be used to decorate the house with just a little bit if imagination. The candles are also available in different fragrances if one ones them. These can help in making the environment smell good along with lighting them up. There are specific points in the home where candles if placed properly can really improve the look of the house.

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