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PostHeaderIcon Tips to make a playing room in your house

playing room , home decorA playing arena in your home can do wonders to the life of your kids. The playing area in your home would mean that your child can never get bored. It is said that childhood is a time when the child should be left free for surfing into his imaginations. A wide playing arena would not only mean your child spending a little time with the games but also explore his mind. Here are the few tips that would help you in creating a good play room.

· You can design the room using the games theme. This will make a good attractive environment for the child to see his favorite games on the wall as a decoration.

· Make a special area in the room where your child can sit and play with clay and make whatever they want.

· Select the games keeping in mind that your child not only gets its entertainment but it also learns something while playing the games.

· Make sure that there is enough space so that some of the friends of your child can enter in and play along with your child.

So use these ideas to make a perfect playing room in your house.

PostHeaderIcon Medieval wall art for added style

Medieval wall art , wall decorThe décor of your wall in the style of the medieval era will just make your rooms classy and sophisticated. The wall décor will of course depend on the color and the size of the wall but the medieval wall décor will change the outlook of your house. This décor will make your house have a Royal look like that of a palace. The wall can be decorated with wall hangings and tapestries which will give your house a medieval look. In the medieval ages the tapestries were used by the kings and queens to create privacy, but now they are used majorly for beauty and aestheticism.

The tapestry of religion and mythology will also give your house a medieval look. The hanging of armor and shields and weapons in the walls will greatly enhance the medieval outlook of the house. The wall hangings and tapestry of medieval kings, the using of weapons can give a medieval look. You can check in many online sites about the medieval wall hangings and tapestries and then plan to get them for your house.

PostHeaderIcon Adorn you wall with picture frames

Decorate walls with picture frames, wall decorIf you are thinking of giving your walls a whole new look, you can beautify them with a variety of different photo or picture frames. While, other ideas include collages that you make of family photos, wall hangings and even area rugs.

There are very simple ways of photo framing your walls with a large variety of options. There are many types of them available in the market. They are categorized on the basis of their raw materials, designs and embellishments or colors are applied to enhance their look and appeal. Probably the largest selection photo frames are available in wood, either simple or carved. They are available in different sizes and can also be customized according to your needs. Apart from these there are glass frames, silver frames, etc. The main purpose of explaining so much is that when it comes to adorning your wall, make it look more creative and stylish and make your home a better place to live.

PostHeaderIcon Walk in wardrobes, why are they a must have accessory

Walk in wardrobes, bedroom accessoryA walk in wardrobe is a special kind of wardrobe where you can move around and walk inside. A walk in wardrobe has sufficient dressing area and room for storing clothes on two or more sides. Spacious or premium homes are more likely to keep walk in wardrobes. A walk in wardrobe sets a standard for the master bedroom.

If there is enough space in the bedroom, a walk in wardrobe is a must have accessory. Simple stud walls are usually used to make walk in wardrobes. If you choose to have a door to your walk in wardrobe, spotlights can be added inside to make an intimate and soft ambience while selecting your clothes. The inside walls of a walk in wardrobe are installed with a number of storage devices like shelves, tie racks, shoe racks, alcoves, hanging rails and sliding drawers. You can even order a customized walk in wardrobe with cutting-edge fittings.

PostHeaderIcon Pet friendly interior décor

Pet friendly home decor, home decor tipsYou may love pets but that does not mean that you can keep your homes dirty with animal hairs and their scratches on your expensive furniture. You must think about your pets before you decorate your house. You can color the walls not in very light colors to prevent it from getting dirty. Use metal or steel furniture instead of expensive wood. Pets like cats and dogs can often cause scratches in your furniture. You can use easily washable fabrics and covers for the costly things in your house.

Try to restrict a pet zone are where you will keep its bed and areas for its lavatory. Try to give room freshener on a regular basis to remove the smells of the pets. You have to be very cautious such that you clean with your vacuum cleaner every hair that falls. You have to work hard to maintain pets in your house.

PostHeaderIcon Things to remember while hiring an interior designer

Hire an interior designer, home decorIf you do not want the interiors of your house or your office to look, drab and uninteresting you will have to consider a make over of the textures, paints, decors and the settings of the furniture of the space in order to spruce up things. It is very important to have a nice interior decoration of the space for having a nice atmosphere. For the getting a good job of interior decoration you will need the help of an interior designer.

However, there are certain things that you will have to consider while you are hiring the designer. The first and most important thing that you will have to check is whether the designer has a proper license or not. A degree of the course of interior designing is very important for knowing how worthy the designer is. Another thing that you should know is if the designer has any experience in the field. It is always wise to work with an experienced designer.

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