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PostHeaderIcon Summer shopping for your home

Home decor, summer home decorIf you are planning to give your home, a wonderful new look this summer then it’s time to make the right kind of choices in your purchases. In order to be sure and to stay within budget, you should make a list. If you are planning to renovate or re-decorate a particular room, concentrate on the particulars of that room. Alternatively, if you are going for an overall makeover…well, then make a longer list!

Since its summer, you might need pool supplies. You might consider building a pool fence or replace tiles, or you might want to invest in smaller details like getting floaties for your kids or a pool cleaner. In the house, you could consider getting new curtains for a lacey summery feel. Some might even want to re-paint the walls. Concentrate on soothing pastel shades like lime green, lemon yellow, or even olive to light green.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating an over-sized sunroom

A sunroom or patio-room lets us enjoy the surrounding landscapes unaffected by the blowing gale or pouring rains. It lets the sunshine come in radiating the perfection and flamboyance of warmth. It has got its own dignity in the house.

Decorating a large and over-sized sunroom is not a very difficult task. Trendy furniture enhances the aesthetics and renders the room comfortable to rest in. Keeping of fragrant flowers in vases fills the void with aroma. Walls must be pained in lighter shades to allow the sun-rays reflect the optimum. For patrons of art, a spacious room would mean plenty of scope to practice and showcase their obsession. Appliqué handicrafts create artistic wonder concealing much of emptiness. Carpets may seem very much fulfilling in this direction.

Ornamental plants add much value to the porches. A greener look is always pleasing to eyes. In addition, traditional and tribal crafts induce a homely feeling.

PostHeaderIcon What are the elements of a princess themed decor

For a parent the best moments are when they see their girl happy. They try to provide everything that will give happiness to her. She is treated like a princess by her parents. The room in which she lives is close to her as she spends considerable amount of time there. Therefore it is good if the parents take out time to decorate the room in accordance with the likings of the girl. There are few elements of a princess themed décor.

One should remember that girls like the color pink very much. Pink is a delicate color and girls are supposed to be delicate and soft. Make sure that the bed is kept in a good state as ultimately girls love to sit and stay in the bed. Climbing beds are always fashionable. The market is inundated with various room equipments like bed, chairs, store boards, games that girls love.

PostHeaderIcon Add a game room to your home with easy steps

Want to give your home a unique touch of decoration? Well in that case adding a game room to your home can be a very good way to make it unique as well as to attract guests. Creating a game room is not very difficult. You have to try and create that ambiance that persists in most casinos or clubs and is ideal for playing. The first and foremost thing you should take care of is the lighting scheme. Too much a bright light may spoil the mood. It is advisable to go for comparatively dim light which is sufficient enough to visualize.
You can arrange for a home theater system playing some songs that will add to the environment a little more. The most important thing is to choose the games. There are host of options for you from which you can choose like placing dart board on a wall, installing a pool table, table tennis board etc. You can also arrange for video games with kits to get a realistic feeling.

PostHeaderIcon How to position water fountains

water fountains, home decorWater fountains are a great way of decorating your outdoor as well as indoor spaces. They make a very relaxing atmosphere and keep the surroundings fresh as well. Not to mention the visual pleasure it offers. Such fountains will enhance the look wherever they are placed. They could be installed in the gateways or the garden areas.

One of the best places to keep the water f9untains are the courtyards of the house. This is a place where you can spend a good time in the evening with you family and enjoy the cool breeze and the atmosphere that is created by the water fountain. They are also perfect for the office lounges. They can make the area look very impressive. They are often seen in hotel lounges and many office areas. Wherever you position the fountain, you have to make sure that the area is clean and clutter free.

PostHeaderIcon Asian décor accessories for your home

Home decor accessories, home decorConfused about the decoration of your home? A very good choice for you would be the Asian home décor. The main feature of the Asian home décor is the use of items and things inspired by the culture and tradition of various Asian countries. The first and foremost thing that comes first whenever you are talking of the Asian décor is the shades to be used on the walls. Going for shades which are not very dark is the main feature of the Asian culture.

Other things like the type of furniture to be used are also a thing that should follow the Asian culture. Normally use of wooden furniture designed in the traditional way will serve the purpose properly. Other than these things, there are few other points which should also be taken care of like the way of placing the decors, their color etc which will also add to the décor a touch of Asian culture.

PostHeaderIcon Dress your home to impress

Home decor ideas, home decorIf you are planning to sell your house soon then it is better you dress it up for the occasion because that is what impresses the buyer. Potential buyers just takes a few minutes to recognize what kind of house it really is and therefore if you keep it well dressed there are possibilities that you get a high price for it. Well you may not incur any extra cost for the dressing up because it does not need anything extra.

What makes the dressing part so important is because it helps both the buyer and the seller. As a buyer the person should be looking forward to seeing a well maintained house. This is the prime factor. Secondly the house should be well decorated. That does not mean you will have to buy anything before the buyer comes in. You can just apply your idea with the things which you already have and that will do.

PostHeaderIcon Give your verandah a nice cozy look

Home decor ideas, home decorA verandah is a place where you can relax and enjoy your afternoons and evenings. You can put a chair and a small lamp and even make it like an outdoor study. Depending upon the size of the balcony or verandah, you should decide upon the décor. You can make your verandah very unique and appealing by adding bright colors. Make the walls colorful in yellow, or orange or even Prussian blue. Instead of going for the same old white and beige or baby pink, add a touch of vibrancy and go for these bold colors. Your verandah will stand out and look fresh at all times.

The furniture in your verandah should be minimal as you don’t want the place to look clumsy. Have an armchair for a comfortable feel. You can have a small table too where you can place a radio set or a book. Have good lighting which would suit the essence of the place. Finally invest in potted and hanging plants with pretty followers to complete the look.

PostHeaderIcon Use Moroccan lights for your living room

Living room decoration, home lightingMoroccan style and art of living is something that is admired by the whole world and appreciated for its uniqueness and openness. If you see any Moroccan styled room you will be amazed at how they mix and confuse the fine line between interior and exterior and give the room an amazing feel of being huge and without any walls.

The Moroccans are known for their love of colors and you will be amazed at how they use bright and solid colors to create a beautiful effect without even once disturbing your eyes or making the room look chaotic and small.
If you missed on the Moroccan décor then the best way to implement their style in your home décor without disturbing the look is by installing Moroccan lights. These lights are bound to change the entire look of your house and give it a wow effect. There are several options to choose from.

PostHeaderIcon Masonry home décor

Masonry decor, home decorMasonry has been of prime creativity in the history of the world. The masons built beautiful monumental houses and cities that defined creativity in a new manner. Masonry is about brickwork and stone carvings, much unlike the usual construction jobs. Masonry home décor is found today also in many homes. Beautiful brick walk ways and drive ways, garden path of carved stones, stone walls etc. all are examples of masonry construction.

In decorating a home with masonry work, one may select from a variety of bricks like sand lime bricks, fly ash bricks, engineering bricks and many more. It would be nice to have a wall made of different bricks to give a featured look. An elegant mason fireplace will be an added decoration to the beautiful living room. Masonry home décor is popular and classy to have. It is not very expensive also which makes it even more popular.

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