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Leaky roofsThere are several issues which can be kept aside and can be thought upon it and then find a way to tackle it. But there are some of the issues that cannot be put aside. They are to be dealt with in an urgent manner. Leak is one of those issues which are to be taken into priority and find a solution for it. Leaks are such which can deteriorate your whole house along with its structure and framing. It can also cause healthy issues. It also promotes insulation issues and mold issues and it can also create fire hazard. Leaks are that dangerous and hazardous. Here are some of the dangers which can be caused due to leaky roofs.

  • Structural deterioration

When the roof is leaky, the water seeps directly on to the floor and it damages the floor. Whole coming to the floor, it runs along the underside of the decking of the roof to the wall and then coming to the framing to the floor. Thus before reaching to the floor, in the way it destroys all these parts of your home. Due to the water, the wood becomes wet and then it starts to rot and then it starts losing its strength and this weakens the roof. A small leak can create such issues. Many times it happens you don’t even notice it and that’s the most vulnerable thing as by the time it damages the roof very heavily. More time for repair can cause more funds to spend on those repairs.

  • Insulation damage and mold

The insulation can lose its efficiency if the water drops from the roof leak to your attic insulation.  If your insulation is not that effective then it can cause your electricity bill to rise up. It can cause the change in air circulation due to improper insulation. Improper insulation is not only an issue for the electricity bills purpose but also the responsible for developing the mold in the house. Once the mold enters your roof, it keeps on growing even if the weather is dry. Mold is liable to grow on any part of the roof deck or framing which is in contact with the water. You might not be aware but mold is also such a factor which can cause the respiratory issues for you and your healthy family.

  • Fire and shock hazard

Water leaking from the roof can come in contact with the electrical wiring of your house and it can lead to fire. This thing can be very dangerous. Even if there is no damage of insulation then also water can be dangerous as it seeps around the metal junction boxes which consist of uncovered wires. These uncovered wires coming in contact with the water is very dangerous as anyone touching it can get a shock. If you come to know about the leak in your house, you should immediately make efforts to repair it in a safe manner and should immediately shut off the power for your safety and security.

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