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roof replacement..Replacing a roof is very important because every roof has its sustainable age until which they can be durable and at a certain point of time it is a mandate option to replace the old roof with the new roof. Sometimes people install the new roof on the old roof to save their money and to make it strong roof but this is the wrong perception of homeowners who are exercising this decision for their roofs. Roofing is the basic necessity of every homeowner to install and it will need investments for the same. Many roofing contractors allow this kind of installation of roof but in actual presence it is the wrong concept which they are following. There are many reasons which is not favorable to such type of roofing and this installation can create many damages to the new roof which is to be installed on it.


  • We don’t know that what is the condition of our old roof because homeowners don’t have the actual knowledge regarding the what is the exact time which can be suitable for the replacement of old roof with the new roof, so it is advisable not to install any new roof on old roof because it can create the problems of leaks and drainage in the new roof. Before concluding of the old defects and leakages if the new roof is placed on it than there are possibilities that the new roof can get damages faster and this will conclude to more expenditure.


  • Before installing new roof it must be complied that any rotten areas have not been left to covered because if there is rotten area beneath the surface of the roof than it can be harmful for the new roofs. Those rotten regions will rise up and increase to affect the other regions of the roof which will in return damage the new roofing which is constructed on the old roof. So it is advisable to cover and repair the old damages first and than new roof can be mount on old roof.


  • It is not advisable to build new roof on old roof because there are chances of that in cold weather ice dams are prevailed in the roof and it can block the drainage of the roof pipes and the new roof can be spoiled or damaged which can create lot of problems of maintenance of the new roof.


  • A house is constructed keeping in mind the area and surface on which it is going to be build, if the house cannot bear heavy weight than the decision of installing the new roof on the old roof is wrong decision because of the old roof there is weight on the surface if the roof and if you will install another roof on it than it can create pressure on the house and will create damages and will be harmful for the home. Unexpected expenditure can also be incurred due to it.


  • Installing a new roof will leave the issue of its durable but if you are installing the new roof on the old roof than it is not sustainable in nature because of the old roof. as the old roof is damaged and new roof is installed on it than it will also damage the new roof and its expected life will get reduced.

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